What do you picture when you think of the jungle?

Is it Indiana Jones running down a hill chased by angry natives?  The blackened face of Martin Sheen rising from a steamy river in Apocalypse Now?  Tarzan swinging from those handily placed vines?  Bear Grylls and his inexplicable battle against the wild?  David Attenborough’s calm narration of some mating ritual?  Baloo explaining those bare necessities to Mowgli?  Snakes?  Humidity?  Tigers?  Mosquitoes? Leeches?  (…or is it an expanse of ground peppered with the gravestone-like tree stumps of a cleared rainforest?)

For most people the jungle evokes some image of an exotic, alien environment, a dark and slightly forbidding place where adventure is still possible and risk a reality.  And they’re right: for anyone who seeks real adventure, who is interested in nature (rather than fighting it) and wants to visit one of the least explored and most fascinating areas of the world, the rainforest beckons.

But hurry, it’s being cut down fast… very, very fast.

I hope that more and more people visit the rainforest as without public support the deforestation will continue and rain forests replaced by farms and the regimented boredom of palm oil plantations (that governments disingenuously classify as ‘forest’)… and sooner than we think the only jungle left will be a concrete one.

This website is designed to encourage people to visit the jungle and give them hints and tips on how to enjoy their time there; skills and knowledge known as Junglecraft – bushcraft skills for the jungle.

“We are not defined by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy”